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You’re Saying Thank You To The Wrong Things w/ Garrain Jones

Episode Notes

If you've ever felt stuck in life, this week's episode will help you uncover the greatness waiting to be released when life feels heavy. Motivational speaker, author, and transformation coach Garrain Jones has gone from $200K in debt and being a convict to impacting millions of people while living life without regrets. Garrain's work explores the fundamental issues that affect us all to foster a deeper understanding of what holds us back. Listen in as Garrain gives you practical advice on why you're saying thank you to the wrong things and what you can do today to start tapping into your true potential.

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In today's episode, you'll discover:

Time Stamps 

00:00 Introduction To The Show

02:20 Garrain shares his backstory of hitting rock bottom 

07:18 Garrain reveals the mantra that changed his entire life

10:01 Garrain discussed how his prison time was a catalyst for success

16:01 George and Garrain chat about parallels in life 

22:01 Garrain talks about his first personal development seminar

26:25 George talks about his first time using ayahuasca  and how it applies to getting unstuck

28:58 Garrain talks about how he started to build massive momentum in his life

37:35 George talks about why he wears hoodies 

40:02 Garrain chats about alter egos in business and how to ensure you are aligned with your true self

49:27 Garrain shares rituals to daily success

55:27 George asks Garrain a closing question 

Notable Quotes

“No space can contain the amount of authentic joy and love when it comes to people having permission to feel free inside of their own body. The body has to open up it's a law.”  Garrain Jones

“You cast a vision and then the vision creates you. You make a dream, the dream makes you.” Garrain Jones

Every time I said, thank you when resistance arose, something inside my body almost grew extra wings.- Garrain Jones

Create a safe space for people to discover the gifts that already live inside of them so that they can use them and produce extraordinary results in their life and live a life without regrets” Garrain Jones

Connect With Garrain Jones 

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