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Stop the Bleeding & Master Your Money with Brie Sodano

Episode Notes

Money mindset is a hot topic for entrepreneurs and is one of the most difficult areas in life to master. If you are avoiding all thoughts of money, you may find yourself in a financial crisis before you even realize what has happened. On the other hand, if your only focus is on making more money, you may end up making reckless decisions in the pursuit of profit. Neither of these scenarios is ideal for entrepreneurs.

That’s why I brought on Brie Sodano, founder of Sheep To Shark,  and a dear friend of mine to help you stop bleeding your cash so you can start stacking it. Brie started her career as a financial advisor for Edward Jones, one of the largest and most successful investment firms in America, and went on to  create her own financial planning firm to help women succeed financially by overcoming barriers they encounter in life with money. Today’s podcast will challenge your relationship with money so you can learn to manage your money and capitalize cash flow inside your business. 


Inside This Episode You’ll Discover :


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Time Stamps & Notable Quotes 

06:27 - The advice on money out there today is not psychologically  congruent with the way that humans behave. Brie Sodano

08:42 Your unhealthy relationship with money and your obsession for more will not make you fulfilled or happier- George Bryant 

12:28 when you focus on top line revenue while still not paying yourself, you build a business that's weak because you're building it with free labor- Brie Sodano

32:44 You gotta learn to become detached from the outcome, because then you kind of detangle yourself from the game you're playing with yourself and that's where you start to have more and more control over your actions. Brie Sodano


 40:45 if you've never been taught anything about money, you're gonna have a tough time understanding  money because you don't have anything for that to stick to.- Brie Sodano

42:53 When we don't feel like we can handle money, we end up just getting rid of it. Brie Sodano