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[R] Manifesting Your Dream Business: How To Create And Attract What You Really Want w/ Jenn Kennedy

Episode Notes

If you want a business that brings happiness and abundance into every aspect of your life, this episode is for you. Each of us has a unique reason for becoming an entrepreneur, but how many times have you sat on an idea without generating it. Or, what about feeling overworked with nothing left to give or show?

Oftentimes we don’t attract our dream business or life because we choose complacency over true alignment. Our habits and environment create a totally different reality than what we say we want because we often are chasing the wrong things. 

Jenn Kennedy  was a teacher for eight and a half years and had this calling for something greater. Shortly after she became an entrepreneur, she saw success but realized something was off and ended up burning it all to the ground to start over and build a 7-figure empire. 

In this episode, we’re deep diving into what it really takes to attract and create a dream business and what you can do to avoid burnout so you don’t build a business to die. 

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Show Notes 

00:00 Introduction To Jenn Kenedy 

05:52 How George And Jenn crossed paths 

12:25 The truth about entrepreneurship no one talks about 

23:47 Burning it all down to create a dream business and life 

38:33: Jenn shares the importance of trusting your intuition and emotions 

50:17 Why everyone needs a soul tribe 

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