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[R] 10 Small Marketing Shifts To Create Momentum In Your Business This Week W/ Emily Hirsh

Episode Notes

If you've been listening to my solo series on The Catalyst, today's interview with Emily Hirsh will take your customer journey to the next level. Emily helps entrepreneurs amplify their brand through paid media and is a genius at creating digital marketing shifts so businesses can generate new sales with ease. Even if you haven't listened to the series, at the end of this episode you’ll find out why a successful marketing plan isn't based on magic or luck; it is based on a proven process. 

Grab a pen and paper to take some notes because when you commit to implementing these shifts in your business, you'll succeed at everything you do. 

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In this podcast, you'll discover:

Time Stamps

00:00 Intro to episode 280 and what to expect 
02:15 Intro to Emily Hirsh 

07:15 George and Emily chat about why they both love the customer journey 
13:12 Why the path of entrepreneurship can feel lonely at times

16:09 Why you need to work your ass off until you earn the right to move to the next level

18:35 Why Failures are still progress

21:33 George asks Emily some of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make in marketing 

25:19 How to create the best possible outcome for your clients wherever they are in the customer journey 
32:02 The reasons why creating content that stands out is harder than ever before

39:03 Where entrepreneurs overcomplicate their marketing

41:02 A 3 step process to creating a customer journey that converts

49:08 Why you need to pay attention to your first impression and the importance of having one next step for everyone you come in contact with 

57:20 Why Emily’s approach will help you create magic

Notable Quotes 

"Most people undervalue the value of practice and trying until something sticks or doesn't stick" -GB 

"I'm just going to work my ass off until I'm successful and I can earn the right to move up to the next level. "Emily Hirsh

"If we're not in motion, that actually just becomes more overwhelming evidence to stay stuck "GB 

"Failures are still part of progressing "Emily Hirsh

Most entrepreneurs don't realize they're cementing their feet where they currently are, and then in search of more tactics and strategies, they actually deepen their chance of staying stuck- GB 

"If you're not pivoting and evolving, you're going to be left behind" Emily Hirsh

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