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Part 1 of 5: Reactance - The Catalyst, How To Change Anyone's Mind

Episode Notes

Today is part 1 of 5 in a series of solo episodes where I break down my favorite marketing book,  The Catalyst: How To Change Anyone’s Mind,  by Jonah Berger. Over the next five weeks, my goal is to help you understand how to remove roadblocks and lower barriers that prevent your customers from taking action. I’m so excited to share this with you because it is one of the reasons why the customer journey exists. When you listen, send me a DM on Instagram to let me know how you will implement this weekly challenge into your life and business. 

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In today’s episode you’ll discover:

Time Stamps

00:00 Introduction to a five part series on The Catalyst 

01:42 Why The Catalyst is a marketing book every entrepreneur needs to read

03:56 Grounding exercise to prepare you for the content 

05:04  Why we are persuaded into certain things over others

06:58 The 4 things needed to create change

08:14 The key to persuasion and the five phases of change

10:42 What is a Catalyst 

12:10 The five horsemen of inertia 

13:58 How reactance happens in your DM’s

16:41 The psychological phenomenons that occur naturally 

17:49 The #1  way to solve for reactance

19:50 Why you need to ask better questions to reduce reactance 

22:40 Highlighting gaps to gain loyalty

24:20  The skill seasoned negotiators use to create trust 

31:17 A challenge for you to accept inside your business and life 

Notable Quotes 

“Information without implementation is just a waste of time” GB

“Persuasion is not something that I do to you or that you do to me, persuasion is something that I do to myself and you do to yourself. “- GB

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