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From Drug Addiction to 7 Figures: How to Step Out and Scale with Ben Curtis

Episode Notes

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Can you fail your way to success ? The answer is yes, but it’s not what you think. So often do we lie to ourselves out of fears and limiting beliefs that talk us out of what feels right for our soul. We sabotage ourselves in creating courses, videos, or even having uncomfortable conversations because the unknown is terrifying. It’s easier to stay where we are then to step beyond our edges, despite knowing something is waiting for us on the other side. 

That’s why In today’s episode, I brought on Ben Curtis to share his comeback story from drug addiction to running a seven-figure coaching business. You might recognize him as Steve the Dell Dude," but in the last 20 years he's gone on to become internationally recognized and critically acclaimed for his work not only as an actor, but as a speaker and coach. 

Listen in as Ben speaks about his comeback story,  authenticity, and commitment in showing up to the world as your best self so you can scale with clarity. This is an episode that will leave you questioning everything in your life. 

Inside this podcast you’ll discover:

Show Notes and Quotes

00:00 Introduction To George’s famous freestyle intro’s

09:28 George and Ben talk about the shadow in business and life

14:27 Why you need to let your inner child out and play 

16:32- When we are being our authentic selves and in integrity, we write a permission slip for other people to do the same - George Bryant 

18:43  Ask your parents their life story before they die and tell 'em to get rid of all their shit  while they're still alive- Ben Curtis - Ep 312 

28:06 How ben started his career at 13 years and ended up as an addict in a cell 

41:05 Entrepreneurship is the easiest addiction because you are rewarded for every choice you make- George Bryant

56:31- Ben talks about creating space so you can find magic in your life 

60:07 George shares his experience with stepping beyond the edge and gives book recommendations

70:07- Give yourself whatever gift you need, cuz no one else is gonna give it to you. Ben Curtis Ep 312

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