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5 Invaluable Lessons Entrepreneurs Must Live By

Episode Notes

Success. We all want it, at least we think we do. But the truth is, nothing worth having in life comes without hard work, intentional efforts, and a lot of mistakes. It may be one epic failure that becomes the catalyst to your growth, or multiple before you reach that aha moment. In this episode, I share five of the biggest lessons learned from twenty years of entrepreneurship and give you some practical tips on how to avoid these costly mistakes in your journey.

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Notable Quotes & Time Stamps 

00:00 Introduction To Lessons Learned

01:59 Entrepreneurship is actually simple, but most of us want to believe it's complex. And complexity creates barriers to what we truly desire- George Bryant 

07:06  Your job as an entrepreneur is not to reinvent the wheel. It’s to develop deeper relationships that create retention plus referrals so you can scale. 

09:20 People buy vitamins when life is good, but with the chaos of the world, you need to talk more about pain killers.


17:23- The most important thing that you can do is have more conversations. To do that, you have to be intentional behind every single thing that you do in our business and our branding and in our messages.- George Bryant 

20:40 Creating a customer journey means that you have to know where your customer's next step is when they don't. - George Bryant 


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