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3 IG Hacks to Increase Sales and Engagement

Episode Notes

Would you believe me if I told you that Instagram isn’t dead? While the algorithms might be changing daily , the one secret that will never stop working is relationships. In today’s episode, I’m sharing an episode from the archives with actionable tips and tricks to help you understand Instagram so you can maximize the platform and increase your revenue. 

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Notable Quotes & Time Stamps 

02:09 The same thing I teach today is the same thing that worked six years ago and will never stop working on social media- relationships.  George Bryant 

06:24 The number one hack for Instagram is engagement. When you engage with your audience, you make Instagram a marketing machine and a touch point to deepen a relationship.- George Bryant 

09:02- Instagram looks at the depth of engagement. Ask questions and invite your audience to explore more content. Then check in throughout the day in pockets to feed the algorithm- George Bryant 

10:24- Living on Instagram 18 hours a day is not going to set you up to win. You have to be intentional about it, and you have to create tight containers so you can do it.- George Bryant

11:04- Instagram story hack-  Don't make it 15 seconds. Tell a story over four stories, give them value, and then send them to the post with context. George Bryant 

12:20: Before you post, ask yourself : is this going to help me learn or serve my customers and move them one step towards their goal? If the answer is yes, then post it and don't worry about what it looks like- George Bryant 

13:14- A lighthouse doesn't change the color of its light or its cadence. It just keeps shining consistently over and over and over until every boat makes it home. And that's what you need to do with Instagram- George Bryant 

17:08 You have to remember that relationships are not passive, they're active.  Instagram is the same way and at the end of the day you never want to compete with an algorithm. - George Bryant